#28 • Helping Companies Build Their Own IoT — John McDonald, CloudOne CEO

CloudOne helps companies create their own IoT, from services to things. In this episode we have the pleasure of talking with John McDonald, the CEO of CloudOne, about how they do that, and the challenges of building enterprise- and consumer-grade IoT products.

John-McDonald 2016

CloudOne, Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing IT company in Indiana two years in a row and winner of the 2015 & 2016 IBM Beacon Award, the highest honor given to a business partner, builds the software that goes into big companies IoT products. Further focusing on the long-term value of these IoT products, CloudOne also collects and analyzes the data from the products they’ve helped build. 

John McDonald, CEO of CloudOne

John McDonald is the CEO of CloudOne, Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing IT company in Indiana two years in a row and winner of the 2015 and 2016 IBM Beacon Award, the highest honor given to a business partner.  Formerly a technical sales executive at IBM for over 20 years, he is one of the founding members and on the steering committee of the 450+ member Cloud Customer Standards Council, a board member of the Venture Club of Indiana, a board member of TechPoint, a member of the IBM PartnerWorld Global Business Partner Advisory Council, and of the Industrial Advisory Board for Purdue Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University.  John was also an original IBM Champion in 2011, an honor granted again every year since.


#27 • Smart Lighting and the “Digital Ceiling” w/ Cree VP Greg Merritt + Cisco CTO John Baekelmans

Today’s LED lights are really IoT devices — with sensors, processing, and memory — which are deployed every 8 feet in a typical building. That makes lighting the nodes that enable “digital ceilings”, which in turn enables building- and site-wide intelligence.

We’re delighted to share our in-person interview with both Greg Merritt, Cree’s VP of Marketing, and John Baekelmans, CTO of Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE) Solutions group.

This episode will be over your head, in a good way!

Our guests

John Baekelmans is Chief Technology Officer in Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE) Solutions group. His organization delivers solutions in a number of vertical areas like manufacturing, smart cities, utilities, retail, oil and gas, mining, transportation, etc. John and his team drive next generation innovations and drive thought leadership globally.

Greg Merritt is Vice President, Marketing and Public Affairs, for Cree, Inc. Greg is one of Cree’s top marketing executives working to drive the game-changing transformation from obsolete, energy wasting lighting to higher-quality, more efficient, better LED technology.

John Baekelmans
John Baekelmans
Greg Merritt
Greg Merritt

#26 • Empty Nest: The Island of Misfit Things

On May 15, Nest permanently disabled the Revolv home hub, rendering thousands of consumers’ home IoT systems worthless. What does this mean for IoT devices going forward? Do IoT developers have an obligation to keep their supporting networks active forever? Should there be legal requirements for how End of Life IoT devices or is it just understood that one day your purchase may be deemed unnecessary by its parent company?

We discuss all these and more in this episode while we explore what obligations come with a new form of product that needs to connect to the outside world to do its job.

NOTE: Since recording this episode Tony Fadell has stepped down as CEO of Nest.

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#25 • How Amazon Could Dominate the IoT

Amazon is a company that has quickly become a prime staple for your shopping needs. But this behemoth is more than just an e-commerce giant, establishing itself as a go-to resource for sophisticated cloud hosting, on-demand information, and an open-source IoT hub.

How does Amazon compare to the other major players in the IoT space? And more interestingly what is Amazon’s long-term goal compared to the other players. Amazon wants to be everything to everyone, can they pull it off?

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#24 • O’Reilly Solid (Part 2)

Farstuff headed to O’Reilly’s SolidCon this year to check out the latest developments in Hardware, Software and the Internet of Things. Andreea met some amazing innovators and got to play with some cool new IoT tech. This episode includes images!

The much anticipated Part 2!!


  • Mouse McCoy – CEO & Creator of Bandito Brothers and well-known in the dirt bike arena is now driving (no pun intended) a cooperative with Autodesk to make a fully-customizable, 3D Printed Race car.
  • Ian Banford – Lead Robotic Director for Fetch Robotics has developed two new robots for inventory management that interact better with the humans already in the warehouse.
  • Anthony Ortez – Creator of the Smart Plate thinks he’s finally developed a tool to accurately measure actual calories on the plate.
  • Emily Harris – Director of Sales at Quietyme and Jordan Barrett of Barrage have teamed up to bring sophisticated data analysis to the noise problem in hospitals and discovering some interesting things!

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#23 • O’Reilly Solid (Part 1)

Farstuff headed to O’Reilly’s SolidCon this year to check out the latest developments in Hardware, Software and the Internet of Things. Andreea met some amazing innovators and got to play with some cool new IoT tech. This episode includes images!


  • Miro won the Hardware Hackathon and was rapidly snagged to be a great last minute addition to SolidCon
    • Him and his partner are developing a Mesh Network for shared internet to help improve internet access in remote communities around the world.
    • Hitch
  • Brian Hamilton is the Head of Business Development for Stack which is looking to take Smart Lighting to the next level by creating Smart Bulbs.
  • Jack Mudd – Chief Evangelist & Blake Crow – specializing in Prototyping and Design Engineering of the One Wheel spent most of SolidCon riding around on the self-stabilizing one-wheeled skateboard that really feels like you’re snowboarding on powder even when you’re making your way through the streets of SF or around the room at SolidCon.

Interested in more…. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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Philip DesAutels

#22 • All About AllJoyn w/ Philip DesAutels, PhD: Senior Director of IoT, The Linux Foundation

If you follow the Internet of Things, you’ve surely heard of AllJoyn — the open-source IoT framework — and the AllSeen Alliance of 170+ member companies who’ve put their weight behind this important effort.

Today we have a treat for you — a fun and interesting conversation about all things AllJoyn with Philip DesAutels, The Linux Foundation’s Senior Director of IoT. The Linux Foundation provides a forum for collaboration and education by hosting collaborative projects, and Philip is responsible for the AllSeen Alliance.





#21: Shane Dyer – President & CEO, Arrayent

Arrayent is a Redwood City, CA startup that helps companies create smart, connected products, and strengthen their company-to-consumer relationship via those products. Their customers include Whirlpool Corporation, Pentair, and Chamberlain.

Prior to founding Arrayent, Mr. Dyer co-founded Propellerhead Studios, Inc. and was its Chief Technical Officer. Before that, he co-founded and served as CEO of ActivePhoto Inc. a venture backed digital imaging company partnered with Polaroid and Sprint to deliver internet connected digital camera systems.





#20: First Impressions: Apple Watch

Apple just shipped their first wearable, which has huge implications for the consumer-facing Internet of Things.

In this episode we talk about Apple Watch after spending some time with it, and ultimately recommend whether or not you should buy one.


  • The “stand up” problem, and how to fix it
  • Apple Watch is Apple’s MVP (minimum viable product) wearable
    • 20 million units of a 1.0 product
  • Launching with 3,500 not-very-good apps
  • Incredible scale: 885 million iTunes accounts as of fall 2014 (source: Bono)
  • Apple Watch is to Fitbit, Jawbone, etc. as iPhone was to Palm OS phones — a different species
    • Compared to Apple, none of the other players has an ecosystem
  • Fashion
  • Close to 40 models, confusing naming
  • “It’s called Apple Watch, but it’s not a watch.”
    • It’s really not for people who buy watches for the time
    • “Take your phone, take notifications and messaging, put it on my wrist.”
  • Apple watch as a needy extension of your phone
  • We are Pavlov’s Dogs, but with notifications
  • Health and HealthKit
  • Siri sucks less (!?)
    • Related to Siri 3rd generation?
    • Hypothesis: Apple deployed to Apple Watch first
  • Payments and security
  • Water and scratch resistance
  • Will traditional high-end watch buyers buy Apple Watch?
  • Price means not a wearable for “the rest of us”
  • The near and far future of Apple Watch
  • Apple’s App Store schizophrenia
  • Should you buy one?

Stuff we learned after recording

  • Apple Watch measures your heart rate every 10 minutes while at rest unless you go to the Heart Rate glance. [Apple Support] It measures your heart rate more often (every 5 seconds when running, for example) when you exercise. [@bradlarson]



Lynn image

#19: Lynn DeRose – Principal Investigator, GE Global Research

This is the final of our exclusive 4-part series talking with GE folks about their Industrial Internet (we like to call it “Big IoT”) initiatives. This is a unique view into the side of the Internet of Things you don’t normally get to hear about.

In this episode we talk to Lynn DeRose about “cooking with big data” (literally), robot wrangling, and bringing old factories into the modern age. Lynn specializes in introducing innovative technology into old processes, and hanging out with intelligent robots. Get ready to hear about the “smartest” smoker in Austin, the next generation of robot inventors and getting robots and people to enjoy helping each other out.

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About Lynn DeRose

Lynn DeRose is a Principal Investigator at GE. She spends her time optimizing the world around her with sophisticated sensors, advanced computer visualizations and cool robotics. At GE, she is trusted to bring legacy factories around the world into the modern world by incorporating smart elements. Lynn is also actively working with Baxter, an advanced robot, by training him to interact effectively with the world around him.

About GE’s Industrial Internet

The Industrial Internet changes the game for industrial companies. Pushing machine data to the enterprise level allows businesses to leverage big data to optimize processes and asset performance. Apply predictive analytics to minimize unplanned downtime. Increase throughput, improve product quality and drive resource efficiency. The powerful outcomes—powered by the Industrial Internet—drive transformation.



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