#11 • Drones — “The Flying IoT”

Flying IoT: Drones are not just for delivering your Amazon packages, eliminating terrorist threats across the globe and spying on your neighbors. Did you know that they can be used to get a leg up on hunting feral pigs? Or that starting your own drone business could be the next hottest startup? Charles and Andreea explore the wild world of Drones and the mysterious airspace they live in.


  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or (UAS) Unmanned Aerial Systems vs (RPV) Remotely Piloted Vehicles:
    • Computes– Sliding level of autonomy, self-aware enough to avoid collisions and to get back to their charging station in time
    • Connects– Wifi, GPS, RFID
    • Communicates– Remote Sensing – Electromagnetic spectrum sensors (visual, infrared, near infrared & radar), Gamma Ray Sensors, Biological Sensors, Chemical Sensors etc.
    • Open-source software
  • LAPD adds drones to their arsenal – Safe or Creepy?
  • World’s First Drone Ambulance – Air Mule Tactical Robotics
  • Hear Charles’ Drone Voice!
  • Getting the ultimate footage with Camera drones – Film companies negotiate with the FAA
  • Drones deliver drinks at nightclubs and Drone Pizza Delivery in India
  • How is a drone different from a flying toddler?
  •  Exploratory/Education:
    1. Archaelogists
    2. Mapping capabilities
    3. Forest Fire Detection
    4. Tracking Feral Pigs & reporting to hunters
    5. Hunting hurricanes
  • DIY Drones! Start your own Drone Business!
  • Facial and gesture recognition and what that means for the military and the paprazzi
  • Ecosystem chat: Google – Loon for Wifi distribution and Facebook purchased Titan Aerospace
  • 80,000 Volts of Awesomeness!
  • Legal/Regulatory/Safety Concerns:
    • History: 83 ft above from roof top is Private, 500 ft and up is Public
    • FAA banned all commercial drones as of May 30, 2014
  • A Hack-proof drone?!!?!?!?! DARPA is convinced!