#19 • Lynn DeRose – Principal Investigator, GE Global Research

This is the final of our exclusive 4-part series talking with GE folks about their Industrial Internet (we like to call it “Big IoT”) initiatives. This is a unique view into the side of the Internet of Things you don’t normally get to hear about.

In this episode we talk to Lynn DeRose about “cooking with big data” (literally), robot wrangling, and bringing old factories into the modern age. Lynn specializes in introducing innovative technology into old processes, and hanging out with intelligent robots. Get ready to hear about the “smartest” smoker in Austin, the next generation of robot inventors and getting robots and people to enjoy helping each other out.

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About Lynn DeRose

Lynn DeRose is a Principal Investigator at GE. She spends her time optimizing the world around her with sophisticated sensors, advanced computer visualizations and cool robotics. At GE, she is trusted to bring legacy factories around the world into the modern world by incorporating smart elements. Lynn is also actively working with Baxter, an advanced robot, by training him to interact effectively with the world around him.

About GE’s Industrial Internet

The Industrial Internet changes the game for industrial companies. Pushing machine data to the enterprise level allows businesses to leverage big data to optimize processes and asset performance. Apply predictive analytics to minimize unplanned downtime. Increase throughput, improve product quality and drive resource efficiency. The powerful outcomes—powered by the Industrial Internet—drive transformation.