#21: Shane Dyer – President & CEO, Arrayent

Arrayent is a Redwood City, CA startup that helps companies create smart, connected products, and strengthen their company-to-consumer relationship via those products. Their customers include Whirlpool Corporation, Pentair, and Chamberlain.

Prior to founding Arrayent, Mr. Dyer co-founded Propellerhead Studios, Inc. and was its Chief Technical Officer. Before that, he co-founded and served as CEO of ActivePhoto Inc. a venture backed digital imaging company partnered with Polaroid and Sprint to deliver internet connected digital camera systems.


  • http://www.arrayent.com/
  • http://www.arrayent.com/platform/iot-platform-overview/


One thought on “#21: Shane Dyer – President & CEO, Arrayent”

  1. Fantastic podcast Andreea and Shane. Tech and data topics covered extensively, wrapped in great insight and case studies. But as in many IoT related articles, podcasts, etc. UX is the forgotten ingredient. Shane did make a few UX related points, especially around the language the IoT enabled devices speak, but overall the topic was left unexplored. I am a UX consultant with keen interest in the role UX will play in the evolution of IoT and would like to hear more about Arrayent’s approach to UX and also how some of the companies Arrayent works with approach UX when planning and designing IoT products and experiences.

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