#23 • O’Reilly Solid (Part 1)

Farstuff headed to O’Reilly’s SolidCon this year to check out the latest developments in Hardware, Software and the Internet of Things. Andreea met some amazing innovators and got to play with some cool new IoT tech. This episode includes images!


  • Miro won the Hardware Hackathon and was rapidly snagged to be a great last minute addition to SolidCon
    • Him and his partner are developing a Mesh Network for shared internet to help improve internet access in remote communities around the world.
    • Hitch
  • Brian Hamilton is the Head of Business Development for Stack which is looking to take Smart Lighting to the next level by creating Smart Bulbs.
  • Jack Mudd – Chief Evangelist & Blake Crow – specializing in Prototyping and Design Engineering of the One Wheel spent most of SolidCon riding around on the self-stabilizing one-wheeled skateboard that really feels like you’re snowboarding on powder even when you’re making your way through the streets of SF or around the room at SolidCon.

Interested in more…. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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  1. Love the podcast guys – keep it up! Was wondering if you could rotate your portrait pics so they aren’t on their side, my neck is starting to hurt! Also thought it worth passing along a link to the mesh network device/team you interviewed at SolidCon since I took the time to track them down to learn more (thanks to you!): http://www.tryhitch.com

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