#24 • O’Reilly Solid (Part 2)

Farstuff headed to O’Reilly’s SolidCon this year to check out the latest developments in Hardware, Software and the Internet of Things. Andreea met some amazing innovators and got to play with some cool new IoT tech. This episode includes images!

The much anticipated Part 2!!


  • Mouse McCoy – CEO & Creator of Bandito Brothers and well-known in the dirt bike arena is now driving (no pun intended) a cooperative with Autodesk to make a fully-customizable, 3D Printed Race car.
  • Ian Banford – Lead Robotic Director for Fetch Robotics has developed two new robots for inventory management that interact better with the humans already in the warehouse.
  • Anthony Ortez – Creator of the Smart Plate thinks he’s finally developed a tool to accurately measure actual calories on the plate.
  • Emily Harris – Director of Sales at Quietyme and Jordan Barrett of Barrage have teamed up to bring sophisticated data analysis to the noise problem in hospitals and discovering some interesting things!

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