#4: What Happens When Things Can Think?

What’s the likelihood that our network of Internet of Things will exceed our own human intellect? What would this mean for the rights of robots? Join us for a fun discussion involving some of our favorite fictional robots, and speculation about what the world would look like with a society that includes incredibly intelligent creatures of our own making.

Shows and characters we mention:

We talk about:

  • What is “The Singularity”?
  • Sentient Roombas
  • But will it have Scarlett Johansson’s voice?
  • Robot civil rights
  • My Siri and your Siri
  • “I wanna see that movie!”
  • The robot version of X-Men
  • Analogy with other civil rights movenents
  • Why Will Smith gotta be mean to robots?
  • “Doing almost nothing all of the time”
  • Hoping Watson stays on our side
  • Capping AI skill levels
  • Robot labor party!
  • Paying people to be your friend
  • Virtual pop stars vs. meatspace pop stars: Fight!
  • “Well I think that you wouldn’t want a used one”
  • Dogs vs. Furbys

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