#30 • Building the IoT w/ Maciej Kranz, VP Strategic Innovations Group, Cisco

In this episode we discuss the business feasibility of the Internet of Things and what needs to happen to make this a viable business asset or possibly complete business model. Maciej Kranz, VP of the Strategic Innovations Group at Cisco, wrote the book on “Building the Internet of Things” and we discuss what he discovered working with a multitude of clients.

Maciej Kranz, vice president, Strategic Innovations Group, at Cisco brings 30 years of networking industry experience to his position. He leads the group focused on incubating new businesses, accelerating internal innovation, and driving co-innovation with customers and startups through a global network of Cisco Innovation Centers. He is frequently interviewed by the media about Internet of Things technology.

Maciej is also the author of the new book, “Building the Internet of Things” A book that dissects the business models and strategic necessities to make IoT a sustainable reality.

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