Favorite Things

These are a few of our favorite (IoT) things…

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Starting with the Amazon Echo

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you first trek into the IoT world. Amazon is not giving up its foothold as the ideal smart personal assistant sitting on your counter. Despite the amusement caused by the overuse of the name “Alexa”, this is still the powerhouse with the potential to control all your IoT devices and a great place to start for those new to IoT.


IoT for the Home

A great starting place for people interested in starting to bring some automation and hands-free functionality to their home.



IoT for Health

One of the most significant places IoT can make a difference in your life is with regard to monitoring your health and helping you meet your health goals. From smart scales to smart step trackers, you have the option to start small or go all-in from the beginning. Withings and Fitbit are definitely the front-runners in this field, but you can find some decent options even in the lower price ranges.


Just for Fun IoT

These are our top picks on the “Awesome” side of the cool spectrum. The toys we just are dying to play with and explore. From drones to brainwave sensors, these IoT devices are easy to show off and share.



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