#1: What is the Internet of Things?

Welcome to Episode 1 of Farstuff: The Internet of Things podcast!

Join us as we explore this new iteration of the Internet, stretching beyond just our immediate screens and creating a hyper-connected world. What are the ramifications and benefits of this brave new world? How will we establish standards and the infrastructure to make this vision sustainable? Are their concerns with privacy and security?


  • It’s a bit dated, but we found “The Internet of Things” article by Michael Chui, Markus Löffler, and Roger Roberts of McKinsey & Company to be helpful when coming up with our own definition.
  • Wikipedia’s entry has some alternative definition for the Internet of Things. At the time this was written, the entry is a bit scattered and could use the love of an editor who knows what they’re talking about.


2 thoughts on “#1: What is the Internet of Things?”

  1. Nice podcast. Not to nit pick about the information – but the hacking of refrigerators was put out by a Security Firm. While I completely agree that things will get hacked, and security is very, very important but I am still trying to find details about the actual having. Reading through the actual report I struggled to find the specifics….
    Control is necessary – but it needs to be Control with Security.

    1. Good point Ashu. Hacking seems to be the default go-to scare scenario when it comes to considering a world where everything is connected. I’m not sure there’s a lot of motivation necessarily to hack your fridge, and it’s very true that a lot of the Things on Internet of Things will probably have relatively straight-forward functions that aren’t really hackable. Thanks for listening and for the info, we’ll check it out.

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