#10 • Bionics, Prosthetics & Human Enhancement

It’s a whole new world when the Internet of Things is part of you. In the future, everyone will be IoT-enhanced — bodies and minds connected via the internet to other things and people, everyone enhanced beyond normal human abilities.

Join  Andreea and Charles as they go beyond wearables, and discuss a future where “the Internet of Things…is people!”


  • Dumb (passive) prosthetics vs. smart (active) prosthetics
  • Hugh Herr, MIT Media Lab
    • Powered ankle/foot prosthesis
  • How are these smart prosthetics be part of the IoT?
  • Benefits of connecting to your central nervous system
  • Darpa’s touch-sensitive prosthetic
  • Australian study on improving vision in mice
  • Argus 2 retinal prosthetic system
  • Bionic Vision Australia’s bionic eye
  • Type 1 diabetes
    • IoT pancreas
  • Internet of Nano-Things?
  • Sperm-bots
  • How do you power something that’s embedded inside your body?
  • Security: When hacks can kill
  • Intimacy and consequences of prosthetics vs. implants
  • Transhumanism and humanity’s conflicted relationship with enhancement
  • Sports
    • LZR Racer swimsuit broke 168 world records this year
      • Banned as performance-enhancing substance in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics
  • Military
  • What happens when the Internet is in everyone’s brain?
    • What happens when we can’t disconnect?
  • Life extension
  • Upgrades (!)
  • Timeframes
  • Flexible and temporary form factors
  • How the IoT changes drug administration
  • More personalized health
  • 3D printing and prosthetics