#14 • Todd Greene – CEO, PubNub

This week we get to know Todd Greene, CEO of PubNub, a company that’s created a Realtime IoT Network that will help the Internet of Things communicate more effectively. Join us as we discuss where IoT is headed and what are the major challenges we see as “smart” things become more ubiquitous and require more of our web traffic.


About Todd Greene

Todd Greene is founder and CEO of PubNub. Prior to founding PubNub, he was the founder and CEO of Loyalize, a company that provided real-time Audience Participation software, synchronizing TV viewers with collaborative voting and chatting apps on their phones/tablets. After closing deals with Yahoo! and Viacom, and being selected by Forbes as “one of the four hottest ad companies” in 2011, Loyalize was acquired by Robert FX Sillerman, the owner of American Idol.

The challenge of real-time synchronization of millions of audience members turned out to have many similarities to the challenges of reliable connectivity for IoT, which placed Todd on his current journey at PubNub.

Previously, Todd served in leadership roles in software companies across the spectrum, from enterprise to infrastructure to consumer software companies. Todd joined his first startup in 1996, as the 11th employee of NetDynamics, the very first app server for the Internet. He later founded and was CTO of CascadeWorks, a SaaS Services Procurement company, sold to Elance in 2003.

About PubNub

PubNub provides a global Realtime Network that solves the problems of large-scale IoT connectivity in the wild, enabling IoT providers to focus on their core business.