#18 • Arnie Lund – Manager, UX Industrial Innovation Lab, GE Global Research

This is the third in a 4-episode exclusive series where we delve into GE’s Industrial Internet initiatives. This is the side of the Internet of Things you don’t usually get to see!

We talk to Arnie about the challenges and opportunities of user experience design at an industrial scale, and how great UX design puts people and problems first, and technology at their service.

About Arnie Lund

Arnie Lund is a Connected Experience Technology Leader and Pioneer. Lund has spent over two decades in the field of human and computer interaction creating amazing innovations in data visualization and User Experience Field in Emerging Technologies. He has over 40 patents filed and granted and over 80 publications and presentations.

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About GE’s Industrial Internet

The Industrial Internet changes the game for industrial companies. Pushing machine data to the enterprise level allows businesses to leverage big data to optimize processes and asset performance. Apply predictive analytics to minimize unplanned downtime. Increase throughput, improve product quality and drive resource efficiency. The powerful outcomes—powered by the Industrial Internet—drive transformation.